Authority: Cork County Council

Customs Quay
Kinsale Port
Co. Cork, Ireland
  Tel (++) 353 (0)21 4772503
Fax (++) 353 (0)21 4774695
Harbour Master Capt. P. Devitt

Kinsale is a traditional commercial port with a long history. It has a splendid, virtually land locked natural harbour on the estuary of the Bandon River, 11 nautical miles South West of Cork harbour entrance about eight kilometres north-northeast of the Old Head of Kinsale. Both the outer and inner harbours cover approximately five square kilometres, providing good shelter and anchorage.

As a commercial port, Kinsale caters for approximately 100 vessels per year. The majority of commercial shipping in involved in the importation of bulk animal foods. We are also engaged in the exportation of timber to the U.K. As a pleasure port, Kinsale boasts two fully serviced Marinas and is also home to a thriving fishing fleet

View of Kinsale Harbour and the Bandon river estuary.

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Kinsale Harbour Lat. 5142'N. Long. 831'W. (Admirality Chart No. 2053)
Harbour Entrance Bulman Buoy S. Cardinal Buoy Q + LF(W) Ev. 15 secs.
Harbour Limits Straight line due West of Hangman's Point at low water.
Pilotage - Availability
and Regulations
Pilot service not compulsary but highly advisable for cargo vessels.
E.T.A. 24hrs in advance of arrival. V.H.F. Channels 16-14.
Pilot aboard at Bulman Buoy WP.
Frequency Vessels approaching call Pilot Station on Channel 16 and then switch to Channel 14.
Anchorages (AC 2053) 4 Cables S. of Bulman Buoy. Off Lower Cove in line with Charles Fort.Dept 6.7 m L.W. Off Middle Cove.
Inner Harbour. Not in main channel and not near Pier Head.
Marinas Kinsale Yacht Club Marina Tel: (++) 353 (0)21 4772196. VHF Ch 37
Web:  Map:Click Here
Castle Park Marina Tel: (++) 353 (0)21 4774959. VHF Ch 6
Trident Marina Tel: (++) 353 (0)21 4774145 . VHF Ch 9
Web: /
The three marinas are fully serviced with visitors berths available.
There are a limited no. of visitors swinging moorings available.
Harbour dues are payable on all vessels entering Kinsale Harbour.
Commercial Vessels
Vessels up to 90m. L.O.A. Draft 1m. on top of predicted height of tide. 3,000 DWT.
Berth at H.W. only.
Max 5.3m at MHWS
Commercial Berth Starboard Side Pier Head (Customs Quay). Length of quay - 60m.
Depth M.H.W.S.T. 6.10m. M.L.W.N.T. 2.74m.
Tidal Range
& Rate

Springs 4.3m. Neaps 3.2m. Dockwater density 1025
1.5 and 3 knots depending on Spring / Neap tides.
Check Tides Here (Times are in GMT)

Average Cargo Worked 1,500t - 2,000t / day. Quick turn-about.
Cranes Mobile Grab Cranes 25 to 30 tons capacity.
Working Week Working hours from 08.00 hrs. to 20.00 hrs. Monday to Friday.
Weather (Irish Met Service),
www.meteo.Fr/ (French Weather site for a 5 day forecast for the Cork Area.) (Weather buoy situated 10 miles south of the Fastnet)
Prevailing Winds S'Westerly
Fresh Water Ex. Pier Head Hydrant. Both Marinas.
Power Supply Points 220V.
Cork Airport 19km. (14 miles) Cork City 29km. (18 miles)
Time Zone G.M.T.: Summertime = G.M.T. plus 1 hour. (April to October)
Repairs Full Facilities Available (see useful contacts page)
Authority Kinsale Harbour Commissioners.
Harbour Master Capt. Phil Devitt, Tel (++) 353 (0)21 4772503. E-mail
Shipping Agent
Henry Good Ltd., Tel.: (++)353 (0)21 4772300.
After Hours: (++)353 (0)21 4772256 / 4772355.
Fax: (++)353 (0)21 4772548. Telex 75892.
Chandlery Available in Cork City (see useful contacts page)
Traffic 2001 84 Vessels. Up to 134,000 metric tonnes of cargo.

American Yacht "Parlay"
Departing Kinsale for New York
Aug. 2000
STS Tenacious Arrival
@ Kinsale 2000
Irish Sail Training Ship, Asgard
Leaving Kinsale
Passing James Fort

Mending my nets in Kinsale

Power gives way to sail - Kinsale July 2002
Power - Clipper Adventurer - mini cruise liner visiting Kinsale
Sail - Addix - A privately owned yacht registered in London

Hella - Merchant Ship Hella at Kinsale
Loading timber for shipment to Liverpool

The Rose - American replica (built 1970) of HMS Rose built in 1757. Replica was built using original drawings and plans

Kinsale Harbour Cruises on The 'Spirit of Kinsale'

Visit of Cruiseship Hebridean to KInsale August 2005

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