Cootehill Chamber of Commerce

White Star
Market Street
Co. Cavan
Tel: 049 - 5552337
Fax: 049 - 5552712

Name: Cootehill Chamber of Commerce
President: Gerry Mc Donagh
Vice President: John Joe Lennon
Contact: White Star, Market Street, Cootehill
Founded: 1964
Committees: Finance; Promotions & Events; Retail; Infrastructure
Membership: 39Services: Letters of Origin and free sale. Promotions and annual events; Seminars for members and non-members; Economic Plan; Lobbying and Representation.

Welcome to the Cootehill Chamber of Commerce. First established in 1964 our Chamber has become a powerful driving force in the Cootehill trade community. With determined committee members and enthusiastic local traders we have succeeded in promoting industry and employment in the town of Cootehill, Co. Cavan, Ireland. Our aim is to continue to promote Cootehill as the ideal location for new business.


Treasurer Liam Duffin
Manager of Ulster Bank

Immediate Past President Eamonn Lennon
Plant Manager of Abbotts Labortories

President Gerry Mc Donagh
Mc Donagh Shoes

Secretary Loreto Simpson

MISSING FROM PHOTO IS Vice President: John Joe Lennon, Lennon's Butchers

Council Members

J. Foy
V. Greenan
B. Hughs
H. Keating
M. McCarey
V. McCaul

D. Traynor
K. Mullen
E. O'Gorman
M. Owens
V. Reilly
B. Shankey
J. Smith
P. Ward

P. McKitterick

Sub-Committee Convenors:
Finance: B.Hughes
Retail and Traders: K. Mullen
Industry: H. Keating

The Cootehill Chamber of Commerce is involved with many worthwhile initiatives, projects and events in the locality including:

  • Town Renewal
  • Enterprise Centre
  • St. Patrick's Day Parade
  • Christmas Lighting
  • Traders Association
  • Streets Ahead Lotto
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Internet Initiative
  • White Star - Hostel, Restaurant, Play Group, Artist Studio, Chamber, NEHB Clinic, Cavan Jobs Initiative, Cootehill Area Development, Meeting Rooms.

The Chamber continues to push for the upgrading of funding and investment in the area, encouraging new industries, tourism, companies and start-ups to locate in Cootehill.
The following businesses and members are available on the Internet:

We have appointed a new Co-ordinator for the Chamber, Donal Traynor and welcome him on board. The Cootehill Chamber of Commerce has developed and advanced into the next century with honours. We thank all our Past Presidents for the efforts they have put in for the beautiful town of Cootehill.

Our Past President

1964 - 1967 Mr. Brian O'Mordh
1968 Mr. Gerry Whelan
1969 - 1970 Mr. Gery Keyes (Deceased)
1971 - 1972 Mr. Liam Hayes
1973 - 1974 Mr. Brian Hannon
1975 Mr. Pat Sheils (Deceased)
1976 - 1977 Mr. Michael McCarey
1978 - 1979 Mr. Edward Mc Elroy
1980 - 1982 Mr Ernie Crean
1983 - 1985 Ms. Loreto Simpson
1986 - 1988 Mr. Brian O'Reilly
1989 Mr. Michael Mc Carey
1990 - 1992 Mr. Joe Smith
1993 - 1995 Mr. Pierce O'Sullivan
1996 - 1998 Mr. Eamonn Lennon
1999 - 2000 Mr. Gerry Mc Donagh

Anyone wishing to contact the Chamber of Commerce can call between 9am and 5pm

Cootehill Chamber of Commerce
White Star
Market Street
Co. Cavan
Tel: 049 - 5552337
Fax: 049 - 5552712

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