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The economy of the Republic of Ireland experienced phenomenal growth during the 1990ís until the global recession started to bite in 2007.

Ireland like the rest of the world has been deeply affected and unemployment, cuts and general standards of living have declined. However Ireland is a resilient country and no stranger to overcoming hardships. Hard work and determination are Irish traits and the Irish people have been roundly praised for their attitude and perseverance towards the global recession.

A keen interest in Northern Ireland is indicated by an increase in the property market in and around Belfast. New developments and the rebuilding of the city and its suburbs are evident everywhere. International companies are pledging their interest in reviving Northern Ireland. A new Hilton Hotel complex has been built next to the outstanding Waterfront Hall Conference and Concert Centre, marking a new era for the grand city of Belfast. Northern Ireland currently benefits from a lower personal UK tax rate.

Membership of the E.U. has brought huge structural funds into the Republic of Ireland, which have been wisely invested in infrastructure, education, technology and training. This has provided a solid economic foundation and there is a well educated and flexible work force to ensure ongoing economic growth. The Governments of both the Republic and Northern Ireland support both external and internal investment by means of various grants. Enterprise Boards exist to provide support and practical business help. There is also a range of tax incentives. Including reduced company tax rates and exporting of Irish products tax breaks. Publications and information are available from the Revenue Commissioners at Enterprise Ireland website can be found at

In the Republic of Ireland, the principal body concerned with attracting large scale commercial projects is the Industrial Development Agency (I.D.A.) (353) (0)1 6034000 .

Enterprise Ireland is concerned with overall assistance, principally to smaller scale operations. More information on grants and business assistance can be obtained at In Northern Ireland, the Industrial Development Advisory Board (IDAB) (link) assists new and existing externally and locally owned companies with new projects and the development of existing facilities.

The currency of the Republic of Ireland is the Euro (€). Northern Ireland currency remains sterling (£).

All E.U. citizens have the right of residence and employment in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Other visitors are normally allowed to stay between 3 and 6 months. Full details are available from the Dept. of Justice ((353) (0)1 602 8202) for the Republic, or any United Kingdom Embassy for Northern Ireland.

Information on business, residence or visiting Ireland is always available from the Republic of Ireland Embassies world-wide.

Examples are:-

12 Ave Foch 75116 Paris
Tel: 1-44-176700

Godesberger Allee 119, 53175 Bonn
Tel: 228-95-9290

1 Floor, Claudio Coello 73, 28001 Madrid
Tel: 15763500

Piazza di Campetelli 3, 00186 Rome
Tel: 6-697 91211

17, Grosvenor Place, London SWIX 7HR
Tel: 0171-135-2171

2234 Massachusetts Ave. N.W. Washington
Tel: 202 462 3939 DC 20008

130 Albert St. Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L6
Tel: 613 233 6281

For a full listing of Irish Embassies worldwide please see

U.K. Embassies throughout the world will advise on all aspects of visiting, doing business in or living in Northern Ireland.

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